Are There Any Specific Rug Styles That Are In High Demand During Summer Sales?

Are There Any Specific Rug Styles That Are In High Demand During Summer Sales?

Summer’s around the corner, and for smart shoppers, that means hot deals! You know what else gets hot in summer? Your feet on bare floors, don’t forget to take care of your floors while you are busy catching those lovely dresses and discount outdoor furniture.

Rugs can do wonders for adding warmth, personality, and the perfect summer touch to your space. But with so many choices, which style are the best to buy during the summer sale craze?

Here are some sizzling summer rug styles to grab before they’re gone:

  • Coastal cool: Think breezy blues, sandy beige, and pops of coral and seafoam. Jute rugs bring a natural, beachy vibes, while flatweaves with geometric patterns add a touch of modern coolness.
  • Indoor oasis: Create your own urban jungle with lush greens, leafy patterns, and tropical prints. Opt for a jute rug with a leafy border for a subtle touch, or go bold with a palm tree-dotted flateweave.
  • Light and bright: Summer is all about airy vibes. Rugs in light neutrals like cream, white, and pale grey will make your space feel open and breezy. Think textured wool options for a cozy feel, or flatweaves with subtle stripes for a touch of modern chic.
  • Outdoor escape: Don’t forget your patio! Outdoor rugs made from weather-resistant materials like polypropylene are perfect for creating a comfy garden. Go for bold geometric patterns or fun stripes to add a pop of personality to your backyard.

Always keep an eye out for natural materials like jute, wool, viscous, sisal, etc. These rugs are not only perfect for summer’s warm weather, but they are also eco-friendly and add a touch of earthy charm to your space.

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